Reading list


My motivation for creating this page came from hoping that in the time between counseling sessions, books - good books - can help integrate new insights.

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Books on how to keep HAPPINESS

Does happiness need an introduction? A most desirable joyful natural emotional state that is easy to feel but hard to keep and make it last. What if we had the skills to experience happiness as often and as deeply as our heart desired! Research by social psychologists and other scientists can help us developing mastery in using happiness skills to flourish, and grow wise!

When clients come to my office it is because they want to change something about themself. They often ask me to recommend a book and I don't always have a copy on my bookcase to hand out to them.

I hope to remedy the issue with a virtual bookcase and a few handpicked books that I find worth reading. When you click on any of these books a link will take you to the Amazon website.

Although the following book assortment is a mere drop in the ocean of wonderful books I have found each one of them to be a treasure and each one has offered me and others tremendous insights and help.

I will keep updating and adding on different topics including motivation, anger, fear, deception, boundaries, happiness, communication, organization, time management, teens, trauma, relationships, and more, hoping that you, may also find them helpful.


What motivates us to do what we do? How do we decide? And what is the "right" decision? Decisions are difficult and fill us with anxiety and guilt. Deciding to lose weight for instance may be a goal that involves a lot of small daily decisions. Why do we keep up the diet all day long and but when the afternoon comes we give in to peer pressure, self-deception or impulse? Is it possible to bypass our impulsive drives and stay focused on our goals? 


Behavioral Economy is the science behind the decisions we make. Do we rather accept a hundred dollars today or wait if we are promised a hundred and fifty in a year? Is there a right decision? As you will find out we are not as rational as we think we are! We are actually very  "predictably irrational"! Side note, Danel Kahneman is a Nobel Laureate for his contributions to the field.