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Lizzy is on a diet to lose 70 pounds. She has lost 20 pounds already but as soon as she started feeling good about it, she started to regress. Binge eating crept up and now she has gained 5 pounds back. Is this going to be another yo-yo diet? She feels stuck.

Lizzy is hoping that her cousin's wedding, four months from now, is still going to happen. She is determined to look good. The wedding has already been postponed twice because of covid. Lizzy gained several pounds during covid but she sees the wedding as motivation to lose some pounds and now she has time to do it.

Lizzy has dieted before but eventually ended up gaining all the weight back plus some additional pounds. Covid has been the worst time for binge eaters. Her biggest enemy? Lizzy has a negative body image. Her dislike of her own body has been eating her up for a long time.

Lizzy is beautiful but compliments are "people just being polite", she doesn't really believe them! She avoids looking at herself in the mirror because it could make her feel depressed all day. "We are very close with my cousin and I was so happy when she asked me to be her maid of honor. I will look so huge in pictures next to her. She is skinny and tall and gorgeous".

Lizzy's body image was shaped when she was a little girl. She was shamed for how she looked. Her older sister and her mother would make little comments about her body as early as she can remember. She felt tormented because she didn't know what she was doing wrong. She remembers them whispering about her "porking out" when cleaning the dinner table. Her mother would use smaller plates for her or put a lot of salad on her plate and in middle school she wanted her to do a liquid diet. It made her find ways to sneak crackers and candy into her backpack to avoid starving all day. At school, her sister and her friends would call her "L-fatso".

"When I was older I confronted my sister but she insisted that calling me fatso was cute" or "she would accuse me because somehow I deserved it anyway". It really made me hate myself, my body." At work, I always cover my body up as much as possible. I like to daydream about having a different body and imagine how different my life would be. People would really love me if I was skinny.

Lizzy feels trapped in a negative body image.

Is she going to find her way out?

What is she willing to do to get out? What will it be like on the other side?

To be continued...

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