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Interested in a Workshop?
Step 1: Sent Us a Message! 

Using a Touch Phone
Thank you
for your interest!
You will hear from us soon!

Step 2: Payment

You will have a 30 min individual meeting with the group leader before group starts. This will be the time to discuss the rules for the group and to take care of payment. 

Payments: 180 for all 4 classes will be received in full during the individual meeting. 

Refunds: If you change your mind before attending any classes you will be refunded in full, no questions asked. Only partial refunds after the first class. No refunds after attending two classes. ​
Psychologist Session

Step 3: Attendance

Arrive for your Workshop on time.

Follow the group rules you discussed during the individual meeting about respect and privacy. 

You will receive a class-binder containing group exercises and other self-help material.

We hope that you will find support and encouragement among the group and you will have a meaningful and positive experience!
Rock Balancing


All workshops are geared towards needs clients have had over the years. Although the titles may sound broad: Anxiety, Depression, and ADHD management, their content focus on specific topics.


Our goal is to design a series of classes that serve as building blocks for specialized skills that will support your goals in life. 

How are they different from individual counseling? Individual counseling offers personal attention but it doesn't provide time or space for learning psychological skills.


We hope that these workshops will provide an ideal space for learning about self-psychology (motivations, moods, feelings, mindsets, etc) and practicing specific skills that could come handy during difficult times. 

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