Adult ADHD

Do you lose your keys, cell phone, glasses, often? 

Do you have difficulty finishing things? 

Do you procrastinate? 

Do others complain you don't remember things? 

Here is what clients said about ADHD testing:

Easier than I expected, the testing process, I mean. Aphrodite explained everything on zoom. I didn't even have to go to the office or anything. She emailed me the assessment. It took me a little over 30 min to complete it. Everything worked great. My doctor got the results the same week and started me on medication. Finally! My brain works again! 
Alex P. 
Thank you for finding the time the same week we called! We appreciate your being so patient explaining the difference between the simple assessment and the comprehensive assessment and helping us decide. We were happily surprised to see that it was not going to cost thousands of dollars. You made a frustrating situation affordable and very straight forward. Yes, I would recommend your office! 
Brea L.
I thought ADHD was for school kids. My nephew has it, he is so ADHD it's crazy! My wife was at her wit's end with me not paying attention to her and forgetting everything. I could never remember what she would ask me to do and she would get mad. My head was spinning. She made me come for counseling because she thought I was depressed or something. You suspected ADHD and when I got tested that was it! The doctor started me on medication and right away, it made a difference. Counseling helps too. The ADHD test saved my marriage! Thank you! My wife is my biggest supporter now, she understands me and wants to help me get my ADHD under control. 
Justin D. L.

We only needed a simple test for school. We waited for months at a different counseling place and it was going to cost an arm and a leg. Here we felt no pressure to do more tests or to do therapy. Just the test. Paid 240, done. We were very pleased. We would definitely recommend Riverwalk Counseling.  

Aaron and Janine R. 

I was afraid of the test! I postponed it several times. Not sure why but I thought it was going to show that I was crazy, or something like that. It was actually a really positive experience. It was all very helpful. The report was really long with graphs and everything. Aphrodite explained what each graph meant for me. The verdict is that I have ADHD with Inattentive and Impulsive tendencies. I know the options and I decided that I didn't want medication. I am learning how to manage it. It has changed my life. I am really happy with my decision. 

J. Su Lee X.


The testing process for my son's ADHD had multiple steps. We didn't expect that the teacher and the parents would fill out assessments too. The counselor, Aphrodite, sent the test results to the school and to my son's doctor. I was surprised that the simple test only cost 240, I thought it would be a lot more like in other places. we looked. We decided to go with the intake and the report and the comprehensive assessment. Totally worth it!

Mary and James D. 

How to schedule for the assessment:

Contact our office to schedule an appointment for ADHD testing by clicking here.
You can arrange for the test and for all meetings to be online via TELEhealth although you can also meet in person.

A discussion with your counselor will determine if you need a simple test or if other issues are complicating the diagnosis of ADHD. Sometimes a battery of tests for a comprehensive assessment is necessary. You can ask your counselor for more information.

The cost of the Simple ADHD assessment is 240.

The cost of the Complete ADHD assessment is 420.

The cost of the Comprehensive ADHD assessment is 580. 

The ADHD test is an online test. We will send you an email link that you will easily access from your computer at home. You can also decide to take it during your office visit.


The results will need to be interpreted and written into a report. As soon as your report is ready we will contact you. At that time you can schedule an appointment to discuss the results with your therapist. You may also choose to have the report mailed to you or your doctor's office.

After the assessment:

If you decide to meet with your counselor for a feedback session, you will have the opportunity to discuss the test results, and to ask any questions you need to understand what the diagnosis means for you and your loved ones.

We have found that the best way to treat ADHD is a "multimodal" approach that includes medical, educational, behavioral, and psychological interventions. Some of the elements of treatment include:

  • counseling

  • behavioral therapy 

  • psycho-educational support  

  • pharmacological treatment

Treatment is unique for each individual. Through a multimodal treatment, you will learn how to manage the symptoms of attention-deficit, and how to improve at work, how to set personal goals, and how to cultivate a sense of happiness and well-being. 

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