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Ami Gardiner, Billing Manager 

Ami Gardiner is the Billing Manager for Riverwalk Counseling. She handles all insurance and private payments. She is an expert in health insurance claims and billing and she will be there to answer your questions if you need her. 
The cost for each counseling session is due at the time of service. You will be charged according to the financial information you have provided. If you have a HSA (health savings account) make sure to upload your card on the portal.  

If you are using insurance your claims will be submitted through the Simple Practice platform. After your claim has been submitted you can find your financial information on the EOB (Explanation of Benefits) that you receive from your insurance.

If you still have questions about your health insurance benefits or if you are unsure about any of charges on your account make sure to contact the Billing Manager. 

 Download the
"Simple Practice Client Portal" Phone App
to Access your Schedule and Your Account

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Paying by Phone

Pay Online

If you have a copay you can pay online when you receive an invoice. Your payment is processed through Stripe.

If you pay privately you can pay online as soon as you receive an invoice. Your payment is processed through Stripe.

All your information is HIPPA protected and all your data remains private. 

If you have any financial questions about your account, click here to email Ami Gardiner.
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New Year, new insurance card, and benefits. If you are using insurance take a minute to upload a pic of your new card on your portal.    

Enjoy a Healthy and Happy New Year!
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