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Childhood ADHD makes life for kids and their families difficult.
Learn about testing and treatment.  


Lazy or bored? 

Parents often wonder if their child has ADHD especially if they are smart but have trouble focusing, are disorganized, moody, impulsive or forgetful.
Here is what some parents have said about their kids:


My son says yes, but I know he hasn't heard a word of what I say".

"My 8th grader is smart but lazy and their grades are plummeting”.

"My daughter is a perfectionist and it takes her forever to finish something". 

"My oldest kid keeps losing stuff, assignments, books, jacket, keys".

Even if your kid seems distracted and forgetful it doesn't mean they have a disorder. The best way to know is to talk with your pediatrician and get them tested. 

If you suspecADHD don't wait, get your kid tested!


Early assessment is key to identifying if your child has ADHD or if there is something else that creates similar symptoms. For example, a kid who is sad or worried can be forgetful or inattentive.

A 360 ADHD assessment includes responses from the child, parents, and teachers, as well as a thorough intake with a counselor can give you an overall view of your child's condition. If they have ADHD they will benefit from learning how to treat it. 

We understand that ADHD testing can be time consuming and expensive.


If you don't have insurance and want to pay out of pocket for the assessments the fee is 280.  


If you decide to use insurance you may need to check your plan. Even if they cover it you may still have a fee for deductible/copay.

At Riverwalk Counseling we have made an effort to simplify the process and reduce the expense as much as possible to help parents and kids. 


Click here to schedule.  

What to expect if you want your kid to get tested:  

Client Testimonial: 

I knew my son had ADHD since elementary school but we never got him tested. Big mistake! I didn't know how much help he could have and how it was holding him back. He has been doing a phenomenal job! Just got into his favorite college. We are so proud of him! Don't put it off! 
- Mary T.

Client Testimonial: 

My daughter went for counseling for crying all the time, scratching her skin, and pulling her lashes. When Aphrodite suspected ADHD we got her tested. Now it seems so obvious! Instead of argue or worry we help her with her hypersensitivity. Life changer!
- Karen L. 

Client Testimonial: 

My wife and I laugh that we have ADHD but never got tested for it. She didn't want to get the kids tested but our older one has it and just got the younger one tested too. We just want to know so we can help her. We have a busy household and it makes a difference with schedules and time management. We used Riverwalk ten years ago for our son and now for our daughter. Great service, I highly recommend it. 

- Jeff D. 

Client Testimonial: 


We need to have testing done for two kids and I worried it was going to be expensive so I shopped around. We are very pleased that the price here was totally affordable and Aphrodite helped us cope with the results as a family. I am very grateful to her. Definitely the best choice! 

- SueAnn J. 

ADHD Truths   

ADHD is a neurodivergent condition and refers to the way the brain processes information about the world .


For a kid with ADHD the world feels loud, bright, and uncomfortable.

Kids with ADHD have limited ability to filter things out and they end up on emotional overload. 

To cope with ADHD emotions some kids "check-out" and they don't hear a word you say.

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