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Be More Productive  with a
Time Management Workshop 


3 Friday classes - 2 hours each
If you procrastinate, have trouble focusing, feel overwhelmed, get easily distracted, struggle to finish things, inability to prioritize, and are forgetful, this Time Management workshop is for you!

STARTS:  Friday, October 6, 2023 

DATES:   3 Fridays in October 

Oct. 6th, Oct. 13th, and Oct. 20th


Friday Mornings: 9:00am - 11:00am

Friday Afternoons: 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

COST:     85 $ for a total of 6 hours 


LOCATION: Richland office

If you have any questions click here

Terms & Conditions and Cancelation Policy

This Workshop IS for you if...

... If you want to see results as soon as possible 

... if your insurance doesn't cover counseling

... if you don't like individual counseling

... if you are in counseling but want to do more work around emotional regulation skills 

... if you are in individual counseling and want to add group work to strengthen your social skills

If this is you, reserve a spot! 

This Workshop  ISN'T for you if...

... if you are having a crisis

... if you are on the verge of a breakdown

... if you are having anger issues or addiction

... if you don't want to share anything personal

... if you don't care to hear what others have to say

... if you prefer individual personal attention 

If this is you then seek help immediately or/and schedule personal counseling appointments. 

What to Expect:

The Time Management Workshop is a small group class for 6 participants.

The goal of the workshop is to provide participants with the knowledge, and skills to help increase their productivity and improve their work-life balance, level of confidence, and wellness.


  1. Skill Development: Equip participants with practical skills and techniques to effectively manage their time.

  2. Awareness Building: Increase awareness of how individuals currently spend their time versus what their ideal day would look like. 

  3. Improving Productivity: Provide tools and strategies to help participants maximize their output in a given time frame, enhancing personal and organizational productivity.

  4. Setting Priorities: Teach participants to differentiate between tasks based on urgency and importance, enabling them to focus on what truly matters.

  5. Reducing Procrastination: Understanding procrastination and using strategies to bypass it, for timely task completion and reduced stress.

  6. Enhancing Work-Life Balance: Equip participants with the skills to better balance professional responsibilities with personal life, leading to increased satisfaction in both areas.

  7. Boosting Confidence: As participants achieve more due to improved time management, they often experience a surge in confidence and self-efficacy.

  8. Goal Setting: Instruct participants in setting clear, achievable, and measurable goals, laying the foundation for purposeful time allocation.

  9. Stress Reduction: By learning to manage time more effectively, participants can reduce feelings of overwhelm, burnout, and stress, leading to improved mental well-being.

  10. Enhancing Decision Making: By understanding the value of time, participants can make quicker and better-informed decisions about task prioritization and delegation.


Reserve and Pay: To reserve your spot you need to pay in full at the time of the registration.
The cost is 8
5 for all 3 classes.
No insurance is accepted for this service.

Cancellations: Cancel up to 2 days (48 hours) before the first class. Email us here to cancel. No explanation is necessary.

Refunds: If you change your mind, click here and send us an email canceling and requesting a refund. To receive a full refund make sure to contact us through email up to 2 days before classes start. 
No explanation is needed. 

Whenever you are ready, reserve your spot for the
Stress Management Workshop

See you in October!  

More information about the
Time Management Class

THE PURPOSE OF THIS CLASS is to help you with managing your time and regulating stress. It will help you understand your triggers and how they affect your behavior. You will get insight into what to do to regulate overwhelming levels of emotions.

THE CLASS FORMAT will offer a sense of support as you will share experiences with other class members, help each other, collaborate during exercises, and practice your skills. 

AT THE END of the class you should expect to have gained insight into your biggest challenges with time management and how you will be better equipped to manage it.


INDIVIDUALS WHO LEARN how to manage their time feel happier and have an increased sense of self-confidence.

Image by Dylan Gillis

Arrive for your Workshop a few minutes early.

Follow the group rules
about respect and privacy.

Participate as much as you feel comfortable.

We hope this w
ill be a really 
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